160 days (6 months) of awesomeness (and sobriety).

Side note: As you may be aware due to the nature and title of this post in which I start with and celebrate 160 days of sobriety I did in fact survive NYE sans alcohol. Instead of alcohol my NYE consisted of dinner and a movie with the lady followed by an extremely competitive game of scrabble in which we realized one of us (not named Brittany) has been cheating at scrabble her whole life. We managed to stay up till 12 am to watch T. Swift ring in the New Year and then passed the fuck out (from old people tiredness not drunkeness). And lo and behold BAM! The next day we woke up with no hangover. It’s just amazing how that happens.

If you had told me 161 days ago that I wouldn’t consume a drink for the next 160 days I probably would have a. bought you a drink b. cheers’d you with my delicious craft beer and/or shot of fireball c. thought you were drunk or d. gotten drunk. Let’s be honest all of the above would have happened.

But regardless let’s just say I wouldn’t have believed you.

And yet, 161 days ago I was in fact not drunk but rather nursing the first day of what I believe to be the worst hangover of my life. During those 3 days of hangover hell Taco Bell was my best friend. Sleep was also there for me. Needless to say I haven’t touched an alcoholic beverage or Taco Bell since. (Please note: I fully plan on going back to Taco Bell).

But it’s not just the hangover or my actions that night that made me jump on the wagon but rather a recurring set of events that I, when intoxicated, exhibited. It wasn’t every time I drank but more than not I turned into a different person. Different being bad not good. And now I start singing 2 Chains song I’m different yeah I’m different.

That last or final straw (in which I found myself in Mexico and not home until 5:30 am all while my girlfriend was worried and I was wasted) was a sort of wake up call to the amount of damage I cause when I start and can’t stop drinking. It wasn’t the end all be all which caused me to stop drinking but rather the last straw in a series of drunken events which made me realize (my favorite word) “Fuck.”I realize this may not be a realization to you but Fuck is definitely a realization to me. Fuck I am almost 30 and I shouldn’t be drinking till the early morning hours, or driving drunk (you shouldn’t do that ever kids) or hungover at work. To be honest I should have gotten a DUI (or worse) by now but — by the grace of Buddha — I have made it through countless drunken nights unscathed. Regardless, the way in which I drank not only causes problems in my personal and professional life but just over all wasn’t constructive or contributing in anyway to my life’s goals and aspirations or to who I want to be. In actuality it was preventing me from the success (professionally, personally, physically (insert other adverbs that start with p)) in which I desire to have especially as I grow older.

Let’s now change topics because of my ADD. Ready? Go!

It’s crazy to me that since December 2013 (some of you may not know) I have quit smoking, quit eating meat (except fish) and then quit drinking (and most recently quit eating processed sugar (and artificial sweeteners) as part of a two week hiatus from it because my girlfriend told me to do it with her and I — being the amazing girlfriend that I am — agreed to do it. Please note: I started regretting it on Day 1 as I quickly realized I couldn’t have candy, donuts, cake and basically anything delicious. Oh and I couldn’t have my crack and crutch (Diet Sodas). I’ve been one cranky bitch.

If I give up anything else I may be considered Mother Teresa or Gandhi Jr. Or, more likely, may suffer some sort of mental and/or physical breakdown. Good thing I am only doing this sugar thing for two weeks because Buddha knows I love me some sweets.

Here’s to many more days of sobriety. One day at a motherfucking time.

stay sober my friends.

Hiking up Cowles Mountain with the brother and the buddy

hiking up Cowles Mountain with the brother and the buddy.

six months sober.



8 thoughts on “160 days (6 months) of awesomeness (and sobriety).

  1. Congrats!!!! Even more so, congrats to the no sugar/artificial sweetener,diet coke is my ‘crack’, I’m not quite ‘there’ yet to give up…..
    You should be very proud of yourself &all you have accomplished!!!! Take care😊

    Liked by 1 person

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