97 Days and counting….

Sorry to the five people who read my blog (one of them being my grandma).

I have been lazy and haven’t written as of late.

I mean I have been really busy. Definitely not lazy. Squirrel. But anyways…I assure you I am still sober and still counting my days. One day at a mother fucking time.

Kate and I took a trip to Illinois to visit her family. Yes, a trip to visit the in-laws. Really? I have already been through many obstacles in my sobriety (client meetings, weddings, birthdays, weekends, days ending in day) and now I am willingly traveling to the Midwest to visit her whole extended family? Without booze? I am truly masochistic.

Let me break it down.

Kate is one of five children. Five Children! Dear Lord Baby Jesus that right there is already about the same amount of people on my dad’s side of the family. I have trouble remembering my own name on most days let alone the 100+ people and children that populate her family tree. There are so many people in her family from aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews, parents, second cousins, in laws etc etc.

Let me remind you I was an only child until I was 20. I have an eight year old brother now but that’s about it. (Granted my family is small but we make up for it in our loud, obnoxious and overly bearing personalities). But regardless my family is quite small especially in comparison to Kate’s.

To make a long story short I had 25 minor panic attacks but no alcohol. All in all it was a great trip and we had a great time and I only wanted to drink every single day. Ha. Just kidding, only every other day.  Actually to be honest it’s getting easier to not drink. I still have my days but it’s getting easier to disassociate alcohol with every aspect of my life.

And now I will leave you with some pictures because I am vain and like looking at myself…

stay sober my friends.



kates sisters house.

beanies and scarves!

beanies and scarves!

kates sisters.

kates sisters.

the bean.

the bean.





on our way into the city.

on our way into the city.


78 days…

I know I promised a detailed account of Santa Barbara and I know you all have just been waiting patiently (not waiting at all) for me to post it but I have been so damn lazy and at this point my mind is a bit blurry (and for once not from drinking) on the ins and outs of all that went down. So I’m sorry. Long story short I didn’t drink. Annnnd (drum roll please) it was still fun. The end.

Now that we got that out of the way…

In a previous post I detailed how, to me, football is synonymous with drinking beer. Upon further investigation I have come to the realization that life is synonymous with drinking beer. I guess I didn’t realize how much the two overlapped until I found myself not drinking at all.

I shall elaborate on that overlapping of drinking and life and other rants and ramblings now… (I’m trying really hard to stay on topic and task)…

Going over to a friends house for a get together? What do people bring? Food and alcohol.

Is happy hour ever just a happy hour without alcohol? No. The entire premise behind happy hour is an hour (or three) where there are drink (and fine just so the alcoholics don’t truly look like alcoholics appetizer) specials. (Who really enjoys greasy bar food without alcohol?)

When people suggest getting together what do they suggest? Drinks and dinner. Or Dinner and Drinks. The two seem to go hand in hand.

Weekend brunches the waitress asks if would you like something to drink other than water? And then proceeds to describe the endless mimosa specials or award winning Bloody Mary bars. (OK so maybe breakfast at a bar isn’t the best idea…I’m so funny…)

Had a rough day? You need a drink.

Had a good day? You need a drink.

Got through the day? You need a drink.

Closed a deal? Lost a deal? Got promoted? Got Fired?  Your team won? Your team lost? Here’s a drink.

Graduations. Birthdays. Weddings. Bar Mitzvahs (I’m not even Jewish). It’s time to celebrate….with drinks. Obviously.

Everywhere I look: “I see dead people.” No, that would be so creepy. (And hopefully you got that movie reference because if you didn’t then you are probably thinking what the fuck.)

But anyways, everywhere I look I see alcohol!

Ok. Ok. Fine. Maybe I truly am an alcoholic if booze is all I can see. You could even say I have constant beer goggles. And not in the case where it makes women prettier but in a way where all I see is beer and booze. Everywhere. All the fucking time. (Whereas my girlfriend sees boobs, I see beer.)

I am more and more resolved to the fact that our society is based heavily around that magical elixir.

Now either: A. I am truly an alcoholic. B. Alcohol is everywhere. C. Alcohol is all I see now that I don’t partake. Or. D. All of the above.

When I was in college we had drinking days and nights like “wine Wednesday, taco Tuesday” etc. As I got older and into the working world I would go to those same bars and celebrate taco Tuesday but then realize I was the oldest person there. I would opt for earlier happy hours where people my age were out celebrating these same days but at an earlier hour as we all had to be to work the next day. However, as I got even older I realized I needed a new reason to drink.

Here was my reasoning. (Again, I didn’t drink everyday but if I did have a drink this would be the justification behind it)…

Mondays – It’s Monday.

Tuesday – It’s like Monday.

Wednesday – You’ve made it to the middle of the week!

Thursdays – It’s almost Friday.

Fridays – It’s Friday! Cheers to the freakin weekend.

Saturdays – Cheers to it still being the freakin weekend. College Football. Sunshine. Day off. No responsibilities.

Sundays – Football. Brunch. Day off. Tomorrow is Monday.

Alcohol, even if it wasn’t part of my day to day life, was still synonymous with my life. Through celebrations, days of the week, accomplishments, days off, get togethers, weddings, birthdays — alcohol was a huge part of everything. In essence, I am finding that everything is alcohol related because we (or I) make it as such.

Can I get an AMEN? (I’m not even religious but it sounded fitting).

I have been struggling recently with this and my own sobriety (as you can see all I see is alcohol) and its making me think that we rely so much on alcohol in every situation. Sometimes I wish I was trying to stop heroin because then at least it wouldn’t be in my face all the time. (OK I don’t REALLY wish that. Maybe just crack).

78 days.

stay sober my friends.